1. Prof. Vyacheslav Bobkov  - General Director, All  Russia Centre  of living standard PLC,  Dr. of EconomicsRussia, Moscow
Precarisation of employment and management of labour and social relations
2. Prof. Marco Ricceri
General Secretary of  EURISPES Institute of Political, Economic and Social Studies
Italy, Rome
Social Precarity and Sustainable Growth: reflections on a dangerous contradiction
3. Dr. Ruslan GrinbergDirector in the Economic Russian Academy of SciencesRussia, MoscowEmployment in the context of the new trends of world development

Russia, Moscow
Actual aspects of regional policy decisions of employment problems in the big metropolis
5. Prof. Riorita Kolosova Head of Chair for Labor Economics and Human Resources, Lomonosov Moscow State University Russia, MoscowEconomic aspects of precarious employment and their influence on government and society
6. Dr. Alexander SiegResearch associate, FU Berlin, Department of Political and Social Sciences, Institute of Sociology

Germany, Berlin
Precarity in Germany and Great Britain – two unequal same
7. Prof. Zinaida GolenkovaDeputy Head for scientific work, Sociological Institut - Russian Academy of Sciences, MoscowRussia, MoscowNew layer of social structure of community and it`s adaption
8. Dr. Judith CsobaHead of the Faculty of Sociology and Social Politics, University of Debrecen, Hungary

Hungary, DebrecenThe flexibility of the labor market and the precarity in Hungary
9.Prof. Vladimir Iontsev 
Head of the Chair for Population Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Russia, Moscow
International labor migration and the volatility and instability of the labor market of Russia
10. Dr. Yana MilevInstitute of Sociology; University of St. Gallen, Switzerland): Switzerland, St.GallenPropaganda and Shock: consequences of precarity on mediocraty in society
11. Ph.D. Robert Yakovlev Chief Scientist of Institute for Labor and Social Insurance, Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the Russian Federation, Moscow

 Russia, Moscow

The precarity of employment and regulation of the minimum wage
12. Prof. Larissa KartashovaDean of the faculty, Plekhanov School for Business , Russian Economic UniversityRussia, MoscowPreventing the negative effects of downsizing
13. Prof. Dr. Tatiana RazumovaDeputy Director in the Economic Faculty, Lomonosov Moscow State UniversityRussia, MoscowYouth in the labor market: the benefits and risks in terms of precarity of employment
14. Dr. Ekaterina Tschjornych Associate professor in the Economic Faculty, Lomonosov Moscow State UniversityRussia, MoscowPrecarity of employment of personnel and ways to overcome
15. Julia EpihinaSenior research associate, sector for applied sciencesRussia, MoscowSocial benefits andlimitations when entering the labor market

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